Unexpected polar encounter

It’s night but it’s not dark. At this latitude, the day lasts almost 24 hours. It is 3 am and the campsite is bathed in a dark light. No need for a flashlight to guide me. As I walk through the motorhomes, a shadow leaps suddenly in front of me. It saw me, and as stupefied as me, stops. Its two bright eyes stare at me. The moment is fleeting, the beast leaves immediately, a dark ball of hair that runs like an arrow before disappearing behind a bush. What was it? I am perplexed because, apart from sheep, there are few animals on this island. Too big to be a cat. And the gait was not a canine thing. Pointed ears and a long snout, a bushy tail, a soft and agile look. In the half-light and awake, I did not realize that I had just met a polar fox, rare endemic species of Iceland.

July 2017 – Family road trip – 1 week

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