About Me

Hi! I’m Pauline. Thanks for stopping by.

Traveling is my passion.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be adventurous, discovering the world, a kind of Indiana Jones, as I also love History.

Born in the Northern part of France, I consider myself as a European. Following long studies in History and Tourism, I finally realize that being an archaeologist is more scratching the earth with a toothbrush than discovering treasure in the jungle, that’s why I spent almost 5 years working in the Tourism industry in Paris, making people traveling.

Along my almost 30 years on this Planet, I never stop visiting foreign countries. Starting as a child and then a teenager, later as an entertainer and finally a director in vacation camp, I put my feet on the 5 continents before I was 20, and reached my 35th country when turning 30.

In 2018, from March to September, I walked the whole coastline of Ireland (including Northern Ireland) on my own, whith my backpack. It took me exactly 169 days to walk 3484 kms.